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◆ All you can eat ◆ All you can eat 100 kinds of extremely thick beef & steak etc + 3500 yen with unlimited drinks (excluding tax)

◆ All you can eat ◆ All you can eat 100 kinds of extremely thick beef & steak etc + 3500 yen with unlimited drinks (excluding tax)

By using a coupon3500 yen

[All you can eat and drink]

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All-you-can-drink available

All-you-can-eat drinks such as draft beer, authentic shochu, local sake, cocktail and sourre around the high ball ♪ 120 minutes

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

What ... All you can eat in the 3000 yen range + All you can drink !!!! The all-you-can-eat menu is fresh [Variety of sashimi stair steps] and [Thick sliced ​​beef tongue] [Cut stew] [Sanriku Harako rice] etc. There ♪ It is a very profitable course that you can enjoy the delicious place of the 2 chome bar - bar !! By all means use this opportunity ☆

Course menu

All you can eat and drink 3500 yen ○ o.

All-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat and all you can drink

"How 100 kinds !! All-you-can-eat menu!"

■ Seafood ■

Shiogama Port Fried fresh fish, silver salmon's Yukke, Yubuku's Yukke, Charcoal Fire Baked Tatakitashi

Horse sting, cherry blossoms Yukke, rich crab miso

■ Relishes of sake ■

Edamame beans, bamboo shoots, miso soup cucumbers, plum squid cucumbers, chilled tomatoes,

Salt daled cabbage, homemade soybean pickles, pickled soy sauce, chicken skin ponzu, thick salted fish,

Pickled cucumber, pickled meat, wasabi wasabi, shrimp grated olive oil, ponzu liver ponzu

■ One item ■

Potato stew, Pizza Cheese Potato Mochi, Purupuru Water Dumplings, Soup Wound Egg

Crab buckwheat soup roll wrapped egg, homemade taste ball, fluffy spooned bean, steamed liquor with clam

Red wiener's German potato, 2 chome chicken ponzu, oyster balls

■ Sendai specialty dish! ■

Thick cut beef tangerue, bamboo griddle, bamboo grilled tempura, definable mountain triangular fried grill

Soya sting, soup vinegar, Sendai marbled fried noodles

■ Fried items ■

Five kinds of skewers, fried Takoyaki (sauce / salt), red wiener, fried dumplings, prawn Mayo, shrimp dairy

Chicken skin fried sweet sauce, crab cream croquette, fried chicken fried chicken, chicken cartilage fried, potato fried (salt · consomme)

Ham cutlets at that time, fried oysters, deep-fried tofu, fried corn, fried chicken diamonds

Salt tempura of tomato, new potato croquette, fried octopus fried, fried chicken's islands, deep-fried scallops

■ Pottery ■

Salmon-grilled salmon, beef tangerine salt stir-fried, disk-grilled gyoza

2 chome steak, 2 chome chicken wings

■ vegetables ■

Tofu and mizuna salad, Caesar salad

Potayama salad, sharpening salad

■ rice cake ■

Broiled salmon salmon sushi, beef tongue sushi, Sanriku harako rice, beef tongue salt fried rice, beef grilled meat lettuce fried rice, fluffy omelet rice

Oyster fried noodles, hemp grand prix, plum tea pickles, sea bream chips, beef roe goro garlic rice

■ Sweet taste

Ice after eating, crepe ice, waffle ice

※ All you can eat · All you can drink All contents of the drink menu are subject to availability.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Suntory Malt, Gold Mug, Red Eye, Shandigafuf, Cassisvia
· Angle high ball, lemon high ball, lime high ball, 2 chome high ball, cork high ball, ginger high ball, peach high ball, muscat high ball, litchi high ball, lamune high ball, cassis high ball, yuzu high ball etc.
· Raw drawn sour
· Grapefruit sour, kiwi sour, cassis grapefruit sour, litchi grapefruit sour, muscat kiwi sour, peach kiwi sour, pear kiwi sour
· Shochu high, sour
· Green tea high, oolong high, acerola high, tomato high, lime high, lemon high, lime high, orange high, plum high, mango sour ,, giant peak sour, yuzu sour, lamune sour muscat sour, white peach sour etc
· Cassis soda, cassis soda, cassis oolong, cassis oolong, cassis acerola, cassis milk, fuzzy navel, regga punch, lychee soda, lychee orange, muscat milk, giant milk, mango orange etc
· Shochu
· Rice (potato), Black Kirishima (potato), Satsuma beauty (potato), Wanko (wheat), Okinawa (wheat), white water (wheat), fortigantity (shiso), leopard (brown sugar), white (rice) Kume Sen (Awamori)
· Plum wine, wine
· Plum wine rock, plum wine soda, plum wine acerola, glass (red · white), wine red (red · white), red ball (rock · soda)
Local sake
· Ichirozu, Honokon 1, Matsushima of snow, Urasama, Sawanobu, Zao, Ink Luo, Hagi no Tsuru
·Soft drink
· Gingeraeal, Coke, Calpis, Oolong Tea, Green Tea, Tomato Juice, Orange Juice, Acerola Juice, Milk

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